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The Fusion Method

The Method is a systematic and philosophical approach to the sport of volleyball, which Coach Henry Chin and I created based on our many years of coaching experience at various levels. It comprises standardized concepts and practices that we have refined over time, with the aim of helping coaches, players, and their families to easily understand their role and how to be successful in it. Throughout the manual, we've included a set of key guidelines to follow, which will help you to effectively implement our Method.


  1. Technical Knowledge: Your understanding of the skills and system of the game.  We divide this into two concepts and then into two sub categories

    1. Fundamental Skills ​

      1. Skill Adjustments​

    2. Systems ​

      1. System Adjustments​

  2. Transfer of Knowledge: Your ability to have your athletes comprehend and execute what you want them to know and do.  This is broken down into two concepts. 

    1. Planning​

      1. Season Plan​

      2. ​Practice Plan​

    2. Methodology

      1. Philosophy

      2. Science

  3. Team Management (Family / Athletes): Relationships will always be the heart of our method.  This relationship is your focus. Your ability to communicate these items will define your success in the this task. 

    1. Culture ​

    2. Roles and Responsibilities

    3. Expectations 

    4. Accountabilities

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