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Fusion Volleyball

A place to play, learn and grow.  Fusion Volleyball is located in San Jose, Ca and services athletes from all around the area. We offer club teams, summer camps, open gyms to school aged athletes. We also offer open gyms and will be offering tournaments for adults.  Please click below to learn more about our programs and methodology.  Welcome to Fusion Volleyball.


2024-25 Tryouts

Coming Soon




The Fusion Method

The Method is a systematic and philosophical approach to the sport of volleyball. It comprises standardized concepts and practices. Establishing an environment that fosters experimentation and cultivates a sense of empowerment and self-assurance in athletes is vital for encouraging players to push beyond their boundaries and facilitate growth.

Who Fusion? Where Fusion? Why Fusion?

Sincerely, the people.  Fusion is a volleyball community unique to the families and staff who join the club.  These are some of the finest, not just coaches, but humans.  People who care more about the people than all else.


A place is defined by its people. A place we are proud to call home.

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