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Coaching Philosophy

- Vishal Patel

"I coach for the same reason that I teach. When I was younger, I had the privilege of working with teachers and coaches who transformed my educational and athletic experiences through many joyful and tenacious pursuits towards excellence. If I can empower even just 1 athlete to pursue their own excellence with the same passion as I was able to, then I will have successfully done what I set out to do.​As such, I look beyond just the raw skill of a player - I measure the heart of an athlete. It's important to me that players chase excellence knowing that success will follow. That players look to hone their characters against the grit of obstacles and competition. That players understand that they just need to do their absolute best and look to get at least 1% better every time they step into the gym."


My Story

Redwood Middle School: 7th & 8th Boys & Girls (2011 - 2013)
West Valley Volleyball Club: 14-1 Head Coach (2012 - 2013)
SF Tremors Volleyball Club (chronologically)
2013 - 2014: 16-1 Power Assistant Coach
2014 - 2015: 17-1 Power Assistant Coach + 14-1 Power Head Coach (1st in Region)
2015 - 2016: 18-1 Power Assistant Coach + 13-2 Assistant Coach (2nd in Region)
Summit Shasta High School: Varsity Head Coach - created and helped grow varsity program (2014 - 2016)
Fusion Volleyball Club (chronologically)
2016 - 2017: 14-1 Head Coach
2017 - 2018: 14-1 Head Coach
2021 - 2022: 14-1 Head Coach
2022 - 2024: 16-1 Head Coach

Favorite Cookie / Drink and Contact Info

Chocolate Chip with Milk

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