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about us

To put it simply, Fusion was founded by a group of people who love volleyball and love to coach. 

We bring the Fusion experience through: 

  • Quality Coaches

  • Transparency

  • A Value for Family

Our hope is that you can call Fusion Volleyball Club your home the same way we do.

About Us: List
Vision Statement
Provide a community for players to learn, live and love the sport of volleyball. 
Mission Statement
Our mission is to teach, develop, and promote the game of volleyball to the next generation of players through coaches who have made volleyball their lifelong sport. 
Fusion Goals
1) Create a love for the game 
2) Teach players volleyball fundamentals, strategy and rules of the game
3) Develop players to reach their highest potential
4) Train players on what it means to be a great teammate
5) Provide continuous education to our coaches
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