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Is Fusion a Power or Premier club?

While we hope to add power teams to our program in the future, we are currently offering premier teams. If a team wants to participate at the power level, the team can discuss with their coach on transitioning to the higher league. 

Does my daughter need experience to play club volleyball?

As is the nature with any athletics program, a player's skill and experience will give them an edge to get onto a team. However, we urge all players to try out simply because there is no way of knowing what can happen on tryout day. Additionally, you can't join a team if we don't see a you play!

What amount of playing time should I expect when on the team?

Playing time is greatly dependent on the coach. We advise all teams to give as much playing time as possible. However, coaches may decide to reduce playing time due to competitive reasons or practice attendance. Please reach out to your respective coach to understand what their play time expectations are for the team. 

Where does Fusion Practice?

We practice at the following locations: 

  • Pioneer High School

What commitment is required from our family?

We ask that, if selected, your player proactively plans to attend all of the practices and tournaments. Some of the tournaments may require overnight stay. We highly encourage, and look forward to having, all family members come out and support the team at tournaments. If you are unable to attend practice or a tournament, we ask that you let your coach know as far in advance as possible so they can plan accordingly. 

Is travel costs included in the program fees?

Travel costs, such as hotels or foods, are not included in the fees. To know what is included in the program, please refer to our program page. 

For any other questions, please reach out to

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