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Where do we practice?

There are a few different sites we use throughout the year.  Various gyms and sand courts around the south bay.  See below for a list. 

  1. Pioneer High School, Main Gym

  2. Santa Teresa High School, Main Gym

  3. Bernal Intermediate School, Main Gym

  4. Herman Intermediate School, Main Gym

  5. West Valley College (Sand Courts)




Does my daughter need experience?

Depends on a combination of two things, age, and level  We recommend that players who want to join our power teams have previous experience. We have a no cut policy with our youngest teams. Please contact us if you have any question regarding the proper level for your child.  



Cost varies based on the team level that your daughter is selected for and the age level.  Please take a look at our program page for pricing.  Payment plans are available for each team.  


What commitment is required for my family. 

We ask that if selected, your family plan appropriately for events such as practice and tournaments.  We practice two to three times a week depending on the level of the team.  Our teams will participate in 12 to 21 tournament days depending on the team. Some tournament do require overnight stay at additional cost. It is highly encouraged to attend the tournaments with us. We do have one rule regarding priorities.  Family and School come first.