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Coaching Philosophy

Since middle school, volleyball has been a part of my life and it has brought various opportunities and friendships along the way. Now, I am excited to be coaching in a sport I am passionate about and consider it a honor to help mentor new athletes who are just starting their volleyball journey. What I hope to pass on to my players are the skills needed to play this game but also skills that can be applied off the court. As a coach, my goal is to ensure my players develop both as athletes and as individuals so they are able to succeed both on and off the court.

-Casey Avila


Volleyball Background

Coaching Experience:

-Fusion 16-2s PremierAssistant Coach (2023)

-Pioneer High School's JV Team, Head Coach (2020)

-Stingray 16-2s Power, Assistant Coach (2019)

-Pioneer High School's Frosh Team, Co-Head Coach (2019)

-Fusion 14-2s Premier, Assistant Coach (2018)


Playing Experience:

-Prospect High School , JV and Varsity (2009-2013)

-Moreland Middle School (2006-2009)

-Bay to Bay 17-2s (2011)

-Wavelengths 17-1s (2011)

-Bay to Bay 16-3s (2010)



-Avila Bowl (2020)

-Prospect High School, MVP (2013)

Favorite Cookies / Drink

Cake Mix Cookies (Red Velvet) with Milk!

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