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In 2010 Coach Tony and Henry started coaching the Pioneer High School Volleyball program. We had a great first season with great athletes and families. At the end of that season, Coach Tony put together the idea for Fusion Volleyball and put it into action. Now as Fusion Volleyball goes into our ninth year, our coaching family has grown to include new coaches as well as new families from schools all around the area. As we continue to grow, we hope to continue to grow with our core values intact to offer volleyball to players of all levels and backgrounds. 


The Fusion Method

Learn to play volleyball through a methodical approach to coaching and learning the game. A method that is grounded in the fundamentals of the game and utilizing motor programing principles.


2019 Club Season

Are you ready to begin your child's volleyball journey? Do you want to change the path that you are on? Come to a clinic to find out if our way works for you.

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