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Open Gyms

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Open Gyms will start again June 8, 2024

General Information

These programs are intended for participants aged 18 and above. The nets will initially be set to coed height, but we are open to adjusting the net height based on the preferences of those who sign up.


Our aim is to create a competitive and enjoyable environment without some of the egotistical behavior that is sometimes associated with the sport today. Fusion Volleyball has a clear picture of the atmosphere we wish to cultivate, and we encourage you to invite anyone you believe would appreciate our open gym culture.


The cost of each open gym session is $12 per person and will have a maximum capacity of 9 teams (54 people).  We ask that you pay before arriving and if you have a team, a single transaction for the group is appreciated.  We will be utilizing the Reclub mobile app to sign up for our AOG's.  Once downloaded, join the "Bay Area Open Gyms" group and you'll be able to find our "Fusion AOGs" listed for Saturdays, once we go live.   The post will have more info on the individual events.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

AOG Rules:

  1. Everyone at our events must be treated with kindness and respect. 

  2. Use of drugs, alcohol, and inappropriate paraphernalia is strictly prohibited on site.

  3. No food/drinks allowed in the gym

    1. Water is ok

  4. Please use as little offensive language as possible.

  5. Balls will not be provided

  6. Non-marking soled shoes required

A Lifetime Sport

Participating in any sport has benefits, but volleyball offers the opportunity for lessons that few other sports can. The volleyball community is a place where everyone is welcome and you can find a lifetime of play and competition. Volleyball brings families together to play and learn and offers the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and bonds. From character-building skills such as leadership, teamwork, respect and communication to the physical benefits of staying healthy and active, here are some of the things you can expect to gain by playing volleyball.

- USA Volleyball

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