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Coaching Philosophy

"I coach volleyball because I love this sport and I want to continue to be involved in it as long as I can. There are many aspects of volleyball aside from playing on the court. It's about commitment, leadership, skill-building, friendship, having fun – and so much more. It's important to me that the players I work with feel confident in themselves and are eager to get better every single time they come into the gym. "

- Katrina Hochmuth


My Story

- Played 4 years on the Varsity team at Santa Teresa High School (2013-2017)
- Played 2 years of club at Fusion Volleyball Club (2015-2017) 
- Played 2 years collegiate indoor/beach at West Valley College (2017-2019) 
- Played 2 years collegiate at Wisconsin Lutheran College (2019-2020)
- Coached at MVVC for 1 season (2019): Girls 11
- Coached at Apostles Lutheran High School for 1 season (2022): Varsity 
- Coached at Fusion Volleyball club for 1 season (2022-2023): 16-1s

Favorite Cookie / Drink

Warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of ice cold water. 

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