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The Fusion Method 

Learning for a Lifetime


The design of this pages are the culmination of several years' worth of input, not only from the collaborating coaches, but also from the numerous coaches we have been fortunate enough to engage with. It represents one approach to bring our sport into focus, but by no means is it the sole approach. Nevertheless, this is the way.

Volleyball is a sport that is constantly evolving, and we strive to incorporate new concepts as they emerge into this handbook. Our aim is to ensure that our coaches stay up-to-date with the latest developments in volleyball. We encourage critical analysis of our method, and request that you approach any disagreements with respect, and be ready to discuss your position.

It is important to note that this document is not prescriptive in terms of coaching methodology. Your coaching style will be defined by how you impart knowledge to your athletes. However, we do expect that you operate within the boundaries of our Method.

In summary, we present to you our approach, which is the result of years of consultation and refinement. We encourage you to engage with it critically, and remain current with the latest developments in volleyball.

We present to you our terms and approach to coaching: The Method. Welcome Home.

Technical Knowledge

An index of our Individual skill breakdowns and our system designs. 


Transfer of Knowledge

Drill designs and beliefs of how to get the information into our athletes brains and their game.


Team Management

Resources for you to help work with your families to set expectations and guide their journey.

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